Partner School Program

Le Mieux is committed to providing future professionals with advanced skills through Le Mieux Partner School Program.  
Our mission as “The Serum Authority” is to break with traditional models of skincare and forge progressive, new approaches to personalized skincare for ALL ages.  

Why Le Mieux?

Pioneered multiple molecular weight hyaluronic acid instead of water as base of formulas, including serums, cleansers, exfoliants, masks, toners, and moisturizers, along with professional-grade peels, masks, and modalities.

Trailblazed the use of skin-transforming growth factors 

Partner School Perks

Student Kits

Valued at over $700

$300 Partner School cost

Approximately 100 treatments

Drop shipping available

Interactive Class Demonstrations

Interactive demonstrations featuring:

Pro customization techniques

Meridian Gua Sha Techniques

Derma Channel Nano Infusion

Business Support

Earn 40% product credit through

Additional 20% off retail wholesale

Additional 30% off professional wholesale

Continuing Education

Become Le Mieux Certified:

Advance Le Mieux expertise

Cultivate confidence

Via Zoom or in Pasadena, CA.

Student & Staff Training

Live or online via Zoom:

Pro customization techniques

Le Mieux Meridian Gua Sha Technique

Derma Channel Nano Infusion

 To learn more, contact us at (888) 327-8188 to get started.