Le Mieux formulas contain a variety of plant extracts, oils, and butters, but our products are not solely plant derived. None of our products are animal-tested, as we are proud members of the Beauty Without Bunnies program.

Products containing Bees Wax: 
PurErb Neroli Baobab Hand Cream

Products containing Pearl Powder: 
Hungarian Enzyme Mask

Collagen Lifting Mask (powder)

Bio Spirulina Calming Mask

24 KT. Radiance Mask

Bulgarian Rose Age-Defying Mask

Hyaluronic Line-Filler Mask

Moisture Rescue Peel-Off Mask (powder)


Our DNA and RNA are bio-mimetic ingredients that are derived from a marine source to increase moisture and condition skin. DNA is listed in the Ingredient Buyer’s Guide of Personal Care Products Council at https://www.personalcarecouncil.org/. As a skincare ingredient with a function that is like growth factor, DNA is used to combat signs of aging by helping control inflammation and optimizing skin health. Our growth factors are a form of protein growth factor derived from a peptide chain and are not animal derived.


According to our ingredients supplier, the fragrances in Peptide Foam Cleanser, TGF-β Booster, and Bio Cell Rejuvenating Cream are derived from flowers, fruits, and other botanicals.  

Products containing fragrance:
Peptide Foam Cleanser

TGF-β Booster

Bio Cell Rejuvenating Cream

Exotic Blossom Body Gel

Exotic Blossom Body Butter

Exotic Blossom Hand Cream


The stones used to create Le Mieux and Purerb Meridian gua sha tools are custom-shaped and handcrafted. Each stone will have a variety of sources. Flecks, veining, shade, and natural markings may vary from one stone tool to another, adding to its uniqueness.


We partner with many trusted raw ingredient suppliers that source from across the globe. Our raw ingredient supplier partners are held to Le Mieux standards of ingredient purity and quality to ensure only the highest-grade ingredients are used in our formulas..


PM use only. Sun protection is recommended during the day when using these products:

Brightening Serum

Retinol Serum


The USDA oversees the National Organic Program (NOP) which regulates the use of the term "organic" for plant and livestock production. Because many of our plant-based ingredients are sourced from the original country of origin, they are not eligible for “organic” labelling within the US. We ensure that all our plant-based ingredient supplies are held to high standards of production, harvest, and processing that ensures the high quality and consistency of our botanical extracts. Purerb formulas enhance the power of natural botanical extracts with lab-stabilized ingredients to elevate formula consistency, stability, texture, and performance, including our skin-transformative peptides. Because these bio-identical ingredients are not harvested directly from plants, they are not eligible for USDA NOP “organic” certification.


Le Mieux is continually researching innovative ways to safeguard the purity and efficacy of our formulas. Every Le Mieux formula has a unique preservative system that complements the individual formula's ingredients, pH, and packaging. The stability of a formula is not only due to "preservative" ingredients; rather, it is the overall balance of the ingredients that ensures that each Le Mieux product is stable and safe. A good example of ingredient synergy are antioxidants like vitamin E and vitamin C. Not only do these powerful free radical fighters help prevent damage to skin, but they also prevent oxidation of ingredients! You will find complete ingredient lists of all Le Mieux products on our websites www.lemieuxskincare.com and www.lemieuxpro.com.


Our preservative systems are derived from a variety of sources: 

Capryloyl Glycine - synthetic source 

Caprylyl Glycol - synthetic 

Ethylhexylglycerin - coconut palm or vegetable oil Undecylenoyl Glycine: castor plant 


When using retinoids, please defer to the manufacturer, pharmacist, and physician recommendation for product pairings.  For a personal consultation with a Le Mieux esthetician, please call (888) 327-8188 Monday through Friday 9am-6pm PT.


All topical and systemic allergies should be disclosed during consultation and verified on Le Mieux Client Intake Form. It is the professional’s responsibility to verify current ingredient lists prior to application and advise that clients verify ingredient safety with their physician prior to use.  


This lists products that contain the stated ingredients and lists them in alphabetical order:

 Le Mieux formulas do not contain gluten. However, our production facility is not certified gluten-free.


(includes Glycine Soja Seed Extract, Soy Isoflavones, Soybean Oil, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein)


Brightening Serum

Collagen Peptide Serum  

Retinol Serum


Brightening Cleanser

Brightening Serum  

Eye & Lip Cream

Eye Wrinkle Corrector  

Just Glow BB Cream SPF 50

Microderm Exfoliant

Oh My Glow Activator

Peptide Foam Cleanser  

StemCell EGF

StemCell EGF ampoules

These products feature mandelic acid, which is derived from almonds.


AML20 (20%) Azelaic + Mandelic + Lactic Peel Solution

Brightening Cleanser

Brightening Toner

M15 (15%) Mandelic + Arbutin Peel Solution

M30 (30%) Mandelic + Arbutin Peel Solution

Perfect Renewal


Always confirm contraindicated ingredients with your physician. Le Mieux recommends avoiding products that contain Salicylic Acid and Retinol during pregnancy and breastfeeding. This lists products that contain the stated ingredients and lists them in alphabetical order:


Retinol Serum (Retinol)


not contraindicated to pregnancy or breast feeding


Collagen Peptide Serum

PurErb Vitamin N-ergize

Marine Collagen Peptide Serum


contains 2% Salicylic Acid maximum


A&E Corrector
Beta Acid
Exfoliating Cleansing Gel
GSA (25%) Glycolic + Salicylic + Azelaic Peel Solution  
S2 (2%) Salicylic Peel Solution
Skin Clarifying Pad

PurErb Meridian Scalp Stimulating Oil

PurErb Purity Renewing Essential Oil

PurErb Serenity Calming Essential Oil

PurErb Vitality Energizing Essential Oil


Clients who have undergone oncology treatments should always verify with their physician prior to starting a new skincare routine or professional treatment.


Le Mieux and our sister brand PurErb are proud to be Mission Partners with Oncology Spa Solutions. We support their program to educate spa professionals about safe products and services to clients and their caregivers. Our hope is that our products will bring quality spa services to support the healing process for patients as well as caregivers. Healing can begin with a touch,  reminding clients that they are beautiful, inside, and out.



O2 Calming Gel

Hyaluronic Serum

Essence Moisturizer

Eye & Lip Cream

Eye Wrinkle Corrector

Moisture Infusion Mask

APPROVED product for clients without Estrogen positive cancers:

Derma Relief Serum