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Unauthorized Distributors

Warning to Le Mieux consumers

We prohibit all online sales of Le Mieux Cosmetics products. Those sold on any websites other than our direct online store have not been directly authorized by the company, therefore we cannot assure or validate the authenticity and quality of these products. We urge you to use diligence when selecting a reseller to make your purchase from, or guarantee full warranty and safety by purchasing direct through our online store or contacting one of our sales representatives.
Below is a list of unauthorized parties and companies who are claiming to sell Le Mieux products online which is strictly against our company policy:


  • *holly7*
  • bhillsbeauty2012
  • bluesnow57
  • everyones_treasures
  • hypeace
  • nicomsupply
  • onlyyouatla-us
  • pcwheelock
  • ryanlovespeaches
  • somatosechic
  • valmarco66


  • onlyyouatny
  • pretty moon
  • rougevan
  • s_spalady
  • Salamander99
  • Fresh & Best Skincare
  • International Skin Care
  • Ocean Profit International
  • The Unlimited Shop
  • Johnson Distributors
  • Zaque Sales


  • Skinlogica