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Le Mieux Essentials

If you are new to Le Mieux, this class is for you! In this live streaming class, you’ll learn how Le Mieux foundational retail formulas enhance your treatments and accelerate your client's results at home with multi-dimensional hyaluronic acid, growth factors, peptides, and stem cells. After completing this class, you'll be ready to move on to Customized Client Homecare. 


Customized Client Homecare

Building on key product knowledge from Le Mieux Essentials, in this class you’ll focus on exactly what causes breakouts, signs of aging, sensitivity, and hyperpigmentation along with how to combat them with customized home care.  After completing this class, you’ll be ready for Purposeful Pro Customization.  


Purposeful Professional Customization

After completing Customized Client Home Care, discover how to assess skin through interactive consultation and analysis to design completely unique treatments with Le Mieux professional peels, ultra-concentrated serums, multi-layered masks, and powered-up modalities.


Discover PurErb

Meet the perennially fresh formulas in PurErb. Founded by Janel Luu and daughters, Gabrielle and Kayla, with a simple goal in mind— professional-grade skincare infused with powerful botanicals and no fillers. 










Specialist Series

Take a deep dive into the science subtypes, and treatments of your client’s top skin concerns. Discover environmental and genetic factors that influence aging, hyperpigmentation, breakouts, and sensitivities while you master advanced techniques for visible improvement and sustained results.


Treating Aging and Pigmentation

Discover how cellular senescence and environmental damage accumulate and accelerate aging and hyperpigmentation while you master advanced techniques to prevent and reverse visible signs of aging.


Treating Breakouts and Sensitivity

Discover environmental and genetic factors that influence persistent breakouts and inflammation while you master advanced techniques to soothe, prevent, and heal.