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Custom Beauty Labo

Designer skincare

Like clothing, your client’s skin is subject to wear and tear from the environment, lifestyle, and much more. Tailor your client’s skincare with Le Mieux Custom Beauty Labo. Skincare supply kit includes  labware and accessories with step-by-step directions for measuring, mixing, and packaging—all you need to be your client’s personal skincare stylist.   


125-ml flat bottom flask (1)

50-ml flat bottom flask (1)

10-ml flat bottom flasks (2)

2-oz foamer bottles (2)

2-oz spray bottles (2)

customized product labels (10): Iso Energizing Minerals label (5), Essence Moisture Magnet (5)

100-ml beaker (1)

10-ml beaker (2)

stainless steel spatula (1)

syringe sets (4): includes 10-ml syringe, 5-ml syringe, 2 dispenser attachments in a sterile bag

gloves (4 pairs)

product information cards for client (4)

***Includes choice of 16-oz Iso-Cell Recovery Solution OR 16-oz Essence Toner***



After opening Le Mieux Custom Beauty Labo, you are legally and solely responsible for all products and any adverse reaction that may result from blending and/or customizing.




Call us at (888) 327-8188 to order or purchase additional supplies (gloves, syringe sets, bottles, labels, and information cards) 

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